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Massachusetts Registry of Deeds

Massachusetts Registry Of Deeds

The Massachusetts Registry of Deeds is responsible for receiving, storing and maintaining in accessible form items of public documentation related to land transactions, such as real estate purchases as well as specified parameters for permissible use, throughout the whole of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. In this regard, Mass. registry of deeds functions are administered through different regional offices devoted to the particular, land related-concerns of their surrounding area or county.

The overall Ma. registry of deeds division is comprised of 21 such offices in all. Regional Massachusetts Registry of Deeds sections include those in Barnstable; Northern Berkshire; Southern Berkshire; Northern Bristol; Southern Bristol; Fall River Bristol; Dukes; Northern Essex; Southern Essex; Franklin; Hampen; Hampshire; Northern Middlesex; Southern Middlesex; Nantucket; Norfolk; Plymouth; Suffolk; Northern Worcester; and Worcester.

Mass. Registry of Deeds benefits available to residents of the state include the ability to secure a degree of financial protection for their household. In this way, the local Ma. Registry of Deeds will accept a Declaration of Homestead document filed by the homeowner in question, as can then provide for as much as half a million dollars out of the homeowner’s overall stake in her or his main residence.

In order to more effectively take advantage of this feature of the Mass. Registry of Deeds, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, under the direction of Secretary of the Commonwealth William Francis Galvin, has accordingly offered, on the official website created for the state government, a FAQ section entitled the “Homestead Act, Questions and Answers” on this Massachusetts Registry of Deeds function.

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