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Probate Registry at a Glance

Probate Registry

In order to get a grant of probate, an individual may need to visit the probate registry. Although wills are legally enforceable documents, they must first be upheld by the courts as a legal and binding document. There are many issues which may prevent a will from being legal. If there is any question as to who actually wrote the will, or the state of the mind of the person that wrote the will, the will may not be upheld.

In order to be sure that the will is legally written and there are no questions as to its authenticity, individuals must first take the will and the appropriate documents to the probate office. The necessary documents should be obtained before the date of filing, in order to give the individuals ample time to fill out the probate forms and return them to the probate registry.

The courts will then approve a probate to handle the will and deal with issues with the estate. In some cases, a lawyer may be the probate and in others, individuals or beneficiaries may also be the probate. Less complicated wills may not necessitate the services of a lawyer, although it is generally advised that individuals seek legal advice when handling such issues.

The person that is representing the estate, be it an individual or probate lawyers, must file the appropriate forms at the probate office. Once that is done, the estate can be administered to creditors and beneficiaries.

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