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Finding the Right Probate Forms

Probate Forms

As part of the probate process, probate forms must be filled out. Probate forms allow the will to be reviewed in surrogate court. If the will is deemed legally valid, the will can be administered. However, there are many steps involved in the probate process and each must be adhered to carefully.

The probate process begins when the will is submitted in order to be held legally valid. This is vital as the will cannot be administered until the will is deemed legally valid. Any challenges to the will may be presented during this time. If the will is challenged, the probate process will take even longer. Probate forms may include a form which allows a challenge to the grant of probate.

Probate forms may vary in each jurisdiction. For example some probate forms require the names of everyone inheriting form the estate, while others do not. Probate forms, regardless of the intricacies, can be obtained from the court house. The court will also include detailed instructions as to the manner in which probate forms need to be completed. Anything that is filled out incorrectly, could lead to a delay an the grant of probate.

In many cases, probate lawyers handle the probate process, including filling out any necessary paper work, such as probate forms. The executor of the will may also be involved in filing out forms and submitting them to the court, depending on the rules in each jurisdiction.

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