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Georgia Probate Forms

Georgia Probate Forms

A Short Outline of Georgia Probate Forms The process of evaluating a person’s estate and distributing their property is a tying one with many different elements involved. In Georgia, this process occurs in a Georgia probate court, and it can continue for more than a year by the time a will is validated, representatives for the estate are chosen, and creditors are notified. Yet the most important and the most trying part of Georgia probate law is certainly the George probate forms. There are dozens of them, required at all different times, and all there are multiple versions of many of them depending on your own particular needs. Filing the wrong ones, or not filing the right one at the right time, can cost you dearly in money and time, so it’s crucial that you keep track of your Georgia probate forms. Here’s a short outline of some important Georgia probate forms, though there are certainly far more that you may need. For a complete list, visit here: • Petition for Letters of Administration Courts appoint a fiduciary to oversee the probate process through court and to ensure that the property of the estate is distributed properly. The difference an executor and an administrator is that executors are named explicitly in a proper will, while administrators may be appointed when an executor is not named in a will or their is no proper will at all. Even if an executor is named, they do not actually become the executor until they are served with the so-called Letters of Administration, bestowing upon the bearer all rights and privileges afforded to the executor. To obtain Letters of Administration, a hopeful executor or administrator must turn in this Georgia probate form to the court. Print the form here. • Petition to Probate Will in Common Form This Georgia probate form officially begins the probate process with estates holding a valid will. Information regarding the size of the estate and the number of descendants is necessary, and a copy of the death certificate and a copy of the will must be turned in alongside this multiple page Georgia probate form to the court. Print it here. • Petition for Letters of Conservatorship of Minor Often times, the deceased wills away a portion of their property to a minor. In such a case, the minor will not be able to properly inherit until they reach the age of majority. Therefore, an adult will be appointed by the court to act as conservator to the appropriated funds. This Georgia probate form begins the process of appointing a conservator. Print it here. • Petition for Year’s Support Often times the deceased leaves behind dependents who lived via the assets accumulated by the property owned by the deceased. Because Georgia probate law is aware of the situations of such individuals and aware that normal probate may put those assets off-limits for a year or more, it allows for the appropriation of set funds from an estate, but only after the Georgia probate form called the Petition for Year’s Support is filed. Print it here.

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