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Title Deeds at a Glance

Title Deed

A title deed is a legal document that is usually used as evidence and proof of ownership over property. However, title deeds can be used for other kinds of property, most commonly in the case of vehicles. Aside from ownership, a title deed will also infer certain rights associated with ownership, such as any privileges and conditions of ownership.

Furthermore, a title deed will usually be needed in the case that property is to be transferred another person or party, in order to properly provide for the transfer of ownership and associated rights.

The information contained within title deeds may prove to be different depending on various factors, particularly in regards to what kind of property it is in reference to. However, there are certain qualities that will usually be found in a title deed, such as a description of the property.

The property must be explicitly and accurately described in such a way that there can be no confusion as to what the property is. Also, the owner of the property will also be named in the title deed.

Even though the title deed is meant to imply ownership, it will not always be the case. The most common example can be in the case that a person purchases a home with a loan. Even though the this person may inhabit the home, the lending institution or bank will be the actual owner of the property until the loan is paid in full.

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