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Difference Between a Grant Deed and Title Deed

Grant Deed Vs Title Deed

A grant deed and title deeds may prove to be somewhat similar for they both will deal with aspects regarding ownership of property or real estate. However, there is quite a significant difference between the two, for they both signify different things.

Title deeds are documents that essentially provide for proof of ownership over property, real estate, and in some cases, vehicles as well. Property or real estate will be described in full and the owner's name and signature will also be included in title deeds.

A grant deed, on the other hand, will not necessarily provide for proof of ownership. A grant deed is the legal document that is used to indicate the transfer of property or real estate from one party to another. A grant deed will act more along the lines of a contract, where the involved parties, the grantor and grantee, will abide my certain provisions in order to secure the transfer of ownership of the property at hand.

In other words, the grantor gives up the rights of ownership to the property and transfers them to the grantee, effectively making him/her the new owner. The grand deed is essentially the document that legally allows for the transfer of title deeds between two parties.

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