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Connecticut Probate Forms

Connecticut Probate Forms

A Brief Outline of Connecticut Probate Forms Probate is one of the most infamously difficult court procedures available—it requires detailed financial records and frequent visits with the court, but perhaps worst of all, it requires forms, dozens and dozens of different Connecticut probate forms. If you are not careful, you will be liable to forget about someone or turn them in past their due dates, but beware. Even the slightest mistakes with Connecticut probate forms can cost you large expenditures of time and money. With that in mind, use this “Brief Outline of Connecticut Probate Forms” to help you keep track of a few of the most important Connecticut probate forms, but remember that no resource can be as good as the ones you get from your district’s court. • PC-200 Application/Administration or Probate of Will This Connecticut probate form begins the process of opening the deceased’s estate and dividing up its assets. It should be turned into the Connecticut probate court with a copy of the deceased’s death certificate, a copy of the will if one was written, and the payment for a filing fee. It is available here • PC-201 Application/Ancillary Probate of Will Probate is usually undertaken in the district where the deceased die. However, many persons may own property located in other states when they die, in which case regular probate won’t cut it. In such a situation, you need to apply for ancillary probate in the district in which the property is owned or titled, in addition to the regular probate. This is the use for this Connecticut Probate form, which must also be turned in with a copy of the death certificate, a copy of the will if one is available, and a filing fee. Print it here • PC-204 Application/Declaration of Insolvent Estate The costs associated with a funeral and with probate are often times too great for many small estates to cover. If the funds of an estate are depleted before the probate process is completed, this form must be filed. The petitioner must request either that the fiduciary settle all claims or that normal probate procedures be waived. Print it here • PC-210 Affidavit in Proof of Will and/or Codicil The signing of this Connecticut probate form is a duly sworn statement asserting the legal validity of the deceased’s last will and testament. Print it here • PC-213 Affidavit of Closing of Estate This is the Connecticut probate form you may be most happy to fill out. It officially ends the probate process, and the fiduciary can only file it once all the property of the estate has been properly distributed. Print it here • PC-234 Notice to Creditors to Present Claims The fiduciary of an estate is legally obligated to file this Connecticut probate form which allerts all creditors to present their claims to the Court to collect the funds owed to them. This process usually takes several months and is one of the reasons that Probate can take so long. Print it here

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